SA official literature on Threefold Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous – The AA Big Book

…….the body of the alcoholic is quite as abnormal as his mind. It does not satisfy us to be told that we cannot control our drinking just because we were maladjusted to life, that we were in full flight from reality, or were outright mental defectives. These things were true to some extent, in fact, to a considerable extent with some of us.

But we are sure that our bodies were sickened as well. In our belief, any picture of the alcoholic which leaves out this physical factor is incomplete….

…. we favor hospitalisation for the alcoholic who is very jittery or befogged. More often than not, it is imperative that a man’s brain be cleared before he is approached, as he has then a better chance of understanding and accepting what we have to offer….

Of course an alcoholic ought to be freed from his physical craving for liquor, and this often requires a definite hospital procedure, before psychological measures can be of maximum benefit.

Doctors Opinion pp xxv-xxviI

Sexaholics Anonymous – The White Book

We saw that our problem was threefold: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Healing had to come about in all three.

Sexaholics Anonymous p61

 …the whole person must be involved in recovery.

Sexaholics Anonymous p34

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