Recovery from Transgender feelings in SA

This member applies SA principles to recovery from transgender feelings

Here is how he summarizes his approach to recovery:

– Starting in early childhood I developed a behaviour pattern of compulsively fantasizing about being a woman.

– I became convinced that the only way I could have a fulfilling life was actually to become a woman.

– I came to the recognition that my condition was really a form of addiction – that I was using my fantasies the way an alcoholic reaches for the bottle.

– I found a way to recover from my addiction that does not involve changing my gender identity.

He defines his transgender feelings as lust:

Also because SA identifies what I’m really addicted to and gives it a name: lust. The stuff that goes on in my head, the chemical I can flood my brain with just by playing a fantasy on my internal DVD player. And this means that there’s more to being really sober than giving up external behaviours, vital though that is…

In particular, I’ve accepted that for me there is no such thing as an “innocent” fantasy of being a woman. They’re all sexual and they will all lead me to the “hard stuff” before I know where I am. So the time to stop is as soon as I become aware of what’s popping up inside my head.

The whole blog is a fascinating read!